Links of interest

Nederlands Muziek Instituut

This institute preserves and stores music archives of many Dutch composers.

Lodge De Waare Broedertrouw

Jan van Dijk has been a member of this masonery for many years.


This society stands up for the interest of their members, Dutch composers.

De Steensplinter

This editor from Gouda ( The Netherlands) published the book "Stille Ontmoeting" ( Quiet Meeting), a book about the life and work of Jan van Dijk. E-mail only.

Buma / Stemra

This organisation collects the copyrights and author rights of Dutch authors.


This institute takes care of the documentation and publishing of Dutch music. Besides, it propagandates Dutch music as a whole.

Dutch Harmonium Association

This association would like to improve interest in harmonium music.

In house music

In house music: association for in house music and musical instrument making.

Dutch Carillon School

This school for carillon players is a part of the University of Arts in Utrecht, faculty Music.

Huygens - Fokker Foundation

This foundation emphasises on 31 tone music. This page is only about the 31 tone music works of Jan van Dijk.

Margriet Verbeek

Margriet Verbeek took lessons in composition from Jan van Dijk, after graduating from the School of Art in Tilburg.

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